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My Teaching Life

A little view into my everyday life, minus the hundreds of smiles I see every day. Do you want an organized classroom, but it always feels like there is too much stuff? Focus on one area at a time. As teachers, we hold on to so many things that gather dust when all we want ….  Read More

Meal Prep

Want to feel more prepared for those early mornings, but have no idea how to start? First find a great separated food container. (I found my glass bento boxes on amazon in a set of 5, message me for the link)Begin with a favorite fruit, veggie and a source of protein.I enjoy having more than ….  Read More

Display Favorite Memories

Want to display your favorite memories? Not only do we help you design and organize, but we dream with you as well. We work with projects from every stage from ideas to designing and installing your dream project.

kitchen pantry

Kitchen Pantry

Spent some time in Oklahoma last weekend with some wonderful girls who are setting up their first apartment. They were brave enough to trust me with their pantry 😁 If you live in a smaller place, as I do, you know how hard it can be to find order in your kitchen or pantry.  TIPS: Divide ….  Read More

Wedding Photo Wall

This project kept transforming throughout our work, but the outcome was worth every change. So glad to help my sweet friend showcase this special day.