Meal Prep

Want to feel more prepared for those early mornings, but have no idea how to start?

First find a great separated food container. (I found my glass bento boxes on amazon in a set of 5, message me for the link)
Begin with a favorite fruit, veggie and a source of protein.
I enjoy having more than one option for each of those catagories so each lunch looks a little different.

Favorite fruit options: cherries, applesauce, apples, Mandarin oranges
Favorite veggie options: carrots, sweet peppers, cucumbers
Favorite protein options: nuts/homemade trail mix, hummus & pretzels, almond butter & rice cakes.

I prep all my lunches & some dinners on Sunday so I’m ready to go all week. While this works great for me, it would be hard for a family. Another option is to have a bin for each option (fruit, veggie, protein) in the fridge or pantry and every one packs their own lunch.

What is your favorite meal prep strategy?