Kitchen Pantry

kitchen pantry

Spent some time in Oklahoma last weekend with some wonderful girls who are setting up their first apartment. They were brave enough to trust me with their pantry 😁

If you live in a smaller place, as I do, you know how hard it can be to find order in your kitchen or pantry. 


  1. Divide your space into designated areas for any food categories you have. (In the picture you see: baking, cooking oils, pasta, breakfast, snacks)
  2. Take all your individually wrapped snacks and other items out of their boxes and store in a bin of your choice. (I love the basic opaque storage bins in the bathroom storage section at Target. $1-$7)
  3. While having everything in bins looks gorgeous, it can be pricey. 
    When you designate an area for certain types of food, stacking or lining up items so you can see everything is just as helpful.
  4. Share your system with all those living in your space so that everyone can find the same order. 

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